Down and out? Not likely!

They say, “Start as you mean to go on.” So how about getting out on New Year’s Day and go for a run? Well I’m a runner, and I’ve an aim to achieve. Having recovered from a serious injury last year, I’m aiming to run a 10km race in May and hopefully a half marathon by the autumn. So hey, let’s get going.

At the moment it not about speed particularly, just building the distance and stamina. For the last few months high impact exercising was a no-no. Something to do with a higher than average risk of issues later on in life. But I’ve been participating in regular spinning classes to keep fit, as well as doing some weights. It’s really helped, as I feel as strong as I have for a long time.

So how did I do? See for yourself.

Run - 1 Jan 2019
An “air the cobwebs” run

OK it’s not a earth shattering time, but at around six minutes per kilometer it’s a respectable base to build from. I’ll get faster. Last year saw my best 10km time of 56 minutes, and I’ve my eye on a sub-55 minute finish this year.

It’s nowhere near my best 10km time, but that was almost 30 years ago! Come on, give a oldie a break.

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