The secret to wedded bliss

As we reach the season of  goodwill / bah humbug / wondering if we’ve still a functioning government, it is time to show some gratitude to my fellow colleagues.

And what better way to do so, than to feed them.

My initial thought was to ask my dearly beloved to bake us some goodies. She enjoys baking. It gives her the excuse to do something useful apart from moaning about me, and it gives me an excuse to disappear off to my study / a football match / the pub. That’s how we’ve stayed together for 15 years!

The trouble is her propensity to not follow any recipe and make things up as she goes along. She freely admits this doesn’t always bode well for quality, but we’ve survived all these years by acknowledging each other’s strengths. I may know how to add more consistency into her baking, weighing ingredients and having some idea of what she’s going to add to the mix would be a good start, but she enjoys the thrill of wondering if her latest creation will be either be, well, “meeahhhh” or“damn that’s good”.

Roll the clock forward an hour, and I decided not to use my stock “I told you so” response when the latest bake (by her own admission) didn’t pass muster. She wondered what to do with it, and I offered some suggestions. Unfortunately none of them met approval, but they did illicit one further thought from her. I’d never thought of using a cake in that way before!

So as my fellow Mimecasters are purveyors of quality, I brought in some other shop bought treats for them to savour. They may not have the same creativity as Nagham’s baking, but you’ll have fun searching in the tin for your favourite.

BTW we do love each other really. See the photo for proof, and it was all her own work. Honest! 😊

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