A dry(ish) January

In the UK we have “Dry January”. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon with the idea of putting right the excesses of the Christmas and New Year period. By abstaining from alcohol for a month, your body and mind will supposedly recover from the wholesale abuse you’ve put it through throughout December.

The pubs, clubs, and restaurants hate it. Naturally they want you to spend your money at their venue. Plus January is a fairly quiet month for dining or drinking out for a variety of reasons. Be it a lack of money, the realisation that you can no longer burn the candle at both ends without regretting it, or just general malaise, we just don’t seem to carry the Christmas party spirit into the New Year.

This year I thought I’d see if I could join in. I’m not a huge drinker, so it should be a walk in the park right?

The wise words of Norm and Cliff 🙂

I doubt abstinence has made me wiser, but has it made my healthier and more efficient? I haven’t noticed any difference to be honest, but as my weekly consumption averages around 8 units (God’s honest truth) it’s hardly a lot.

Confession: I didn’t abstain totally. In the first week, after a particularly stressful day I hit the whiskey bottle. It was Black Bush on the rocks. No water, and heaven forbid none of that blended scotch muck! Oh and I only had about three units worth, so it barely counts right 🙂

Now if you excuse me, I’ve had a beer chilling in the fridge for a month!

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